Cannabis and Meditation: What’s the Connection?

Cannabis and Meditation: What’s the Connection?

The world is going crazy about how good meditation is for you. Everyone from your next-door neighbor to your boss is crediting it with keeping them sane, but when you try it, you can’t sit still for longer than 2 minutes. If you are nodding your head in agreement, then it’s time for you to try something unique, extraordinary, simple and superb. You should try practicing meditation with the help of cannabis.

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Why Do We Need Meditation?

Meditation ought to be a part of every busy person’s life as it contributes to our mental health in many different ways. It helps you to relax your mind completely, stay away from negative thought patterns and allows you to stop yourself from overthinking. Meditation, if practiced in the long run can also help in improving your mental health and beating chronic conditions like stress and depression.

How Can CBD Help With Meditation?

There are many people who have reached adulthood or crossed the 50 age mark years back and have never tried meditation in their life. These people also have a busy life and tons of stresses associated with it. Such people find it hard to shut down their mind long enough to try any form of meditation. Usually, such people give up the idea of meditation and refuse to try it again. If you are one of such guys, you need to read on.

CBD can help you by acting as a vehicle that helps you to clear your mind and go where you need to go. You should know that your mind is full of cannabinoid receptors that are present in different areas of your brain, including those related to mood, thought and behavior. Cannabinoids present in cannabis will interact with these receptors to ensure that you relax and even feel euphoric for a while. CBD in daily routine reflects more on the mental and as well as physical health.

How Much Cannabis Do You Need?

If you are trying cannabis during meditation for the first time and you are worried about how much to consume, then you ought to start small and increase the quantity only if think it’s not getting the results you want. It is essential for you to remember that some people do feel anxiety if they consume certain strains or they consume strains with certain cannabinoid ratios.

If one strain hasn’t worked for you, try a different one and don’t lose hope easily. Remember, it may take a while to find the right strain and the right amount of cannabis, but once you find it, the entire ordeal would probably be worth it. Embracing meditation with cannabis can help heal your mind and boost your mental health.

How Can Cannabis Help With Gazing Meditation?

In gazing meditation, you need to gaze at an object like a flickering candle and focus all your attention on it until you get rid of all wandering thoughts and have a calmer mind. You can make the most of it by reaching for cannabis that can invigorate your mind and help you to enjoy full body tranquility or mental clarity.

How Can CBD Help With Deep Breathing?

Everyone who has even the slightest knowledge of meditation will agree that deep breathing is essential for meditation as it lets you control your mind. When you are practicing deep breathing, CBD deals with anxiety and make you feel elated. Focusing on only the breathing and not thinking about anything else in the world will become easier.

How Can Cannabis Help With Body Mindfulness?

People who have trouble sitting still or relaxing must try body mindfulness, a practice in which you focus your attention on each body part one by one, decide which one is holding tension and order it to relax. If you have the right cannabis during the process, you will be able to relax your body completely without the mind-numbing effects.

Why Should Meditation and CBD be Combined?

Ø  Relaxation

When you combine meditation and cannabis, you will learn to slow down your racing mind that is worrying about everything from the next presentation at the office to grocery shopping. It will help you to be stress-free and get rid of the tension present in your muscles.

Ø  Self-Awareness

It will also help you to search inside yourself and have a deep sense of self-awareness. It also brings unresolved issues on the surface and helps you reach realizations.

Ø  Better Focus

Merging meditation and cannabis can also improve the focus and helps you to stay in the present. You don’t dwell on the past or worry about the future.

Ø  Body Awareness

You also have better body awareness. You learn which parts of your body are filled with tension or are needing more attention. It helps you think of a solution too. For instance, if you constantly feel the tension in the shoulder blades, going for a massage might help.

Ø  Feel More Connected

Meditation and cannabis combination can also help you to feel more connected with the world. You develop better and long-lasting relationships rather than the surface ones.

Is Mixing Cannabis With Meditation a New Trend?

No, high meditation has ancient roots as the Vedas, sacred historical texts of Hindus in India that were written around 1500 BC have named cannabis as one of the sacred plants. A Hindu deity, Lord Shiva is renowned as a cannabis lover too.

Will Mixing Meditation and Cannabis Help in the Long Run?

Yes, meditating with the help of cannabis to relax you completely will help in the long run if you remember the takeaways from a session after the experience. The lessons you learn about love, focus, self-healing, mindfulness, and consciousness can stay with you for life if you want them to. You just need to set your priorities right.


In essence, it can be said that cannabis can enhance your meditation process and help you cover a long distance in a short while. You just have to make sure that you trust the right strain/ oil and have the right quantities as overdoing it won’t be pleasant. So, to take the ultimate decision on the right product, look at lab results and cbd oil reviews. If used wisely, cannabis can be a useful tool that helps you to attain new levels of personal growth in a short while.

As CBD easily available in most states and is legal in most parts of the country, you can give it a shot and see for yourself how much it can help improve those boring meditation sessions and transforms them into life-changing experiences. We have a wide selection including CBD Tinctures, edibles, and other original Savage CBD Essentials.

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