Can I Fly With CBD?

Can I Fly With CBD?

Most people have traveled, and most have traveled by plane.Traveling and flying can be stressful on anybody. So the question is raised can you travel with CBD?

Will I get stopped at security?

You may be wondering if CBD is legal where you're flying too. This is a very good question.

A few months ago a TSA spokesman gave a brief speech on flying with CBD products. "TSA screening procedures are governed by Federal Law and are designed to detect threats to aviation security." TSA officers do not specifically search for illegal substances. 

So, the TSA is not really searching for illegal substances, and their policy is to call local law enforcement agencies if they do feel something is violating the law. We recommend you look at the state or country in which your traveling to see if it violates any laws. Most of the time people are OK to fly with CBD.

What about THC Free CBD?

Of course, pure CBD is not classified in most places as an illegal substance - being that it is hemp. Pure CBD is the non-psychoactive part of the cannabis plant that is used and is federally legal - although the cannabis plant is not.

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