Building A Tolerance To CBD

Building A Tolerance To CBD

You might start noticing that after a while CBD no longer feels the same. This is very common among CBD users who take it daily, or often. However, this is nothing to be worried about. Here are some tips on what to do if you find yourself building a tolerance to CBD.

CBD Tolerance

CBD Tolerance

The first thing you might be wondering is why do we start to build a tolerance to CBD. Think of it like a cup of coffee, over time your body gets used to the effects of coffee and then you will require more. Also, you might have started off with 1 cup of coffee in the morning, then 2; eventually you’ll want more in order to feel the same effects as that initial first cup of coffee.

On the contrary - a very popular cannabinoid that users report building a tolerance to is THC. Products like Marijuana or Delta 8 THC have been known to lose their effects after a while. So, its users start taking more in order to feel that high. However, CBD is different in that it doesn’t produce that same psychoactive effect.

The Positive

The good thing about building up your tolerance to CBD is that it's in your system. You can start to enjoy the CBD a lot better by taking it daily vs. someone who takes it once in a while. This is because your Endocannabinoid System (ECS) can start adapting to the CBD.

The Negative

The bad thing about building a tolerance to CBD is that you might need more in order to feel how it first made you. Although there have been no studies to show that CBD causes side effects or tolerance; however, experienced users have reported starting off with a 1,000mg CBD Tincture, and then gradually moving up to 2,000mg.

Increasing CBD Dosage

It’s natural for you to start increasing your CBD dosage after a while. This is because your system is getting used to the CBD. However, this is a gradual process that can take months to even years to develop.

One example is you might have initially purchased a Pink Grapefruit 1,000mg CBD Tincture, and took .50ml. After a while you’ll want to take the full dropper (1.0ml). However, after a couple of months that might not be enough so you upgrade to 1,500mg. Then the process starts all over again.

Note: You’ll know when to increase dosage based on the type of experience you want to get from the CBD.

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Tolerance Break

Tolerance Break

If you find yourself having to use more CBD to feel the same effects we suggest taking a CBD tolerance break. This means that you stop taking CBD for a few days in order to reset your system.

Taking A Break From CBD

If you’ve found yourself taking higher amounts of CBD it might be a good idea to take a short break from CBD. This is to re-establish your tolerance to CBD. One thing to keep in mind is that this is a short break-not a long break.

So, 2-3 days should be a good time frame to reset your system. If you feel like you need to go longer then please do so. However, a week is a good time frame when taking a break from CBD. Afterwards, you’ll want to be sure to start off with a smaller dosage than before.

After The Reset

Once you’re finished taking a short break from CBD you’ll want to consider taking a less amount of CBD than you’re used to. This is to reestablish your tolerance to CBD. Although there are no negative side effects from taking CBD daily it can get costly after a while.

The more you use CBD the more your system gets used to it, the more expensive it tends to get. This is one of the biggest reasons why a person would consider taking a break from CBD. Although it’s good to take a break from time to time, we recommend doing this if you find that CBD no longer affects you the same; or if you’re taking high amounts on a daily basis.


Building A Tolerance To CBD - Conclusion

Building a tolerance to CBD is not necessarily a bad thing. It becomes an issue when you find yourself taking high amounts of CBD, and it becomes costly. However, if you find yourself building a tolerance to CBD then we suggest taking a short break from, and starting off again with a lower dose.

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