Best CBD Vape Oil

Best CBD Vape Oil

What makes the best CBD Vape Oil? You could probably ask ten of your closest friends (assuming they vape and use CBD) and I can almost guarantee you'll get a few different answers. Here's the thing, taste is subjective. Just because Henry loves spicy food doesn't mean Katie will. We have done our best to break down what makes a great CBD Vape Oil.


The thing most people know about CBD (regardless of what vessel the manufacturer uses) it has a very distinct hemp taste. Most people like the taste because they know they are getting the real deal, but we have also met people who want the taste but prefer to have something better masking the hemp taste that comes with using CBD and CBD Vape Oils. So as a manufacturer it is our job to research flavors that can help our users enjoy CBD products while delivering a great taste.

What we have found is that fruit, candy, and citrus flavors have an extremely better chance of delivering great taste on top of the hemp taste than other flavors like custard, dessert, or tobacco. 


This one is a big one for us. We have been making CBD products for almost 3 years now and in the beginning, quality was a major issue. 

Have you ever picked up a CBD vape juice and noticed its clumpy or discolored? If you haven't, beware. That means that the CBD isn't correctly mixed and will more than likely not give you the end result you want. We had to hire on chemists to perfect our recipes and formulas to bring you a clear and un-clumpy perfect juice infused with CBD.


Last but not least is the consistency. In our experience, you do not want a CBD Vape Oil that is to thick or to thin. We recommend trying to find brands that are 50/50 or 60/40 PG to VG. I know as vapers read this they may be asking "Why?!" We know the norm for ejuice is high VG. The problem with having high VG with CBD infused ejuice is 1) it can cause the CBD to separate and become a useless product and 2) to get the CBD to mix properly you need what's called an emulsifier which is basically another chemical that is added into the mix to make things blend. We do not want to use any extra chemicals that could be harmful to our clients, so we stick with the 50/50 or 60/40 blend.

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We recently had a third party review our CBD Vape Oil and called it "the

Best CBD Vape Oil " they have came across. 

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