Best CBD Gifts This Holiday Season

Best CBD Gifts This Holiday Season

It's that time of year again, the holidays are here and what could be better than getting CBD?  Whether you celebrate Christmas, Channakuh, Kwanzaa, or any other Holiday Savage CBD has you set!

But what is the best CBD brand or CBD oil to give this holiday season? That's where this blog comes in handy, we're going to break down all our best sellers to help you make a good decision for your CBD Gifts this holiday season.

CBD Vapeables

The vaping world has taken CBD by storm by offering new innovative ways and flavors for people to try. Here's the cool thing about CBD Vapeables - you can tincture them too! So not only do you get to try your favorite flavors infused with CBD but you also can try them under your tongue. Do you have a vaper in your life? Give the gift of CBD this holiday season! These are infused with CBD Isolate.

CBD Tinctures - Full Spectrum CBD

CBD Tinctures with Full Spectrum CBD, the all-natural way to take CBD this holiday season! Our Full Spectrum CBD comes in our own proprietary blend infused with MCT Coconut oil, Hemp Seed Oil, Terpenes and Essential oils giving you the gift of all natural CBD Oil for your loved ones this holiday season.

CBD Oil For Pets

We can't forget our furry friends this holiday season. I don't know about you but my pets are some of my best friends (lol)! I celebrate their birthdays and even some holidays, so for Christmas, I know my pets are going to be getting some all organic CBD spray. 

CBD Full Spectrum Cartridges

Another huge convenience is having a throwaway cartridge that you can vape anywhere. Our CBD Full Spectrum with our proprietary blend CBD clocks in at 500mg or .5 grams of CBD in a .5mL cartridge making it convenient alternative to vapebales. You can plug and play with this cartridge on any pen like vape.

CBD Edibles

Who doesn't love waking up to candy? I know I sure don't mind waking up to some sweets in the morning. You can give the gift of CBD infused gummy worms this holiday season. They are available in packs of 6, with each gummy having 50mg or 300mg total per bag.


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