Best CBD for Pain?

Best CBD for Pain?

I think everyone agrees when you can avoid pain - do it. Nowadays there are tons of pain management medications that are easy to get. The list of side effects is also super long. Doesn't matter if you get aches and pains or have high stress, we all want a way to avoid pain.

If you're anything like us at one point or another you wanted to find an alternative - maybe even a more natural alternative. Most people by now have heard of CBD or Cannabidiol.  Now, searching on the internet it won't take a lot of time to see that there are loads of people swearing by CBD's positive effects one of them is treating pain.

The awesome thing about CBD is studies have shown that it doesn't have all the nasty side effects associated with regular pain medication your doctor would prescribe you. We actually know a lot of people who take CBD daily to help with their pain.

Does CBD really help with pain?

Studies have shown that CBD can lead to helping with pain. There haven't been any full clinical tests as of yet - and anyone stating that is being irresponsible. On the other hand, researchers have done a various test which shows that CBD quite possibly can reduce certain types of pain throughout the body. 

The quality of your CBD Oil does matter

Just like anything else on the market today, there are usually tons of companies that have options. You could google CBD Oil right now and find thousands of companies that are selling CBD. The bottom line is the CBD industry is regulated so unless those companies are 3rd party lab testing, sourcing responsibly, have quality systems in place, and procedures they follow, you really have no idea what you're getting. At Savage CBD we take great pride in the products we produce and we try to be as transparent as possible. All of our product tests are public.

It's because of the fact that you need to do due diligence on companies that you are buying from. We get lots of messages saying "CBD doesn't work for me" and we come to find out that it was a product we had never heard of. So please do you research.

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