5 Things You Need To Know Before Trying CBD

5 Things You Need To Know Before Trying CBD

We want to cover the 5 most frequent questions that we get about our CBD products. Common questions that we get are recommendations, what are different strains that we carry, and more. If you're questioning trying CBD; and  you've been wanting to know more about CBD then here are 5 things you need to know before trying CBD.

Question 1: Can You Use CBD Vapeables As A Tinctures?

Can You Use CBD Vapeables As A Tinctures?

Yes! absolutely. All of our CBD Vape Juice are no different than our CBD tinctures. The difference is that the CBD Vape Juice has VG/PG so that you can vape them as well.

Note: While it is possible to use our CBD Vape Juice as a tincture it has strong concentrated flavors that can be overwhelming. This is because our CBD Vape Juice were made to be vaped and not necessarily meant to be taken sublingual. You are able to take our CBD Vape Juice sublingual but it will have a strong taste.

Question 2: What Is Full Spectrum CBD?

In order to explain what is Full Spectrum CBD we will have to go over the different types of CBD.

CBD Isolate

Our CBD Isoalte comes in our CBD Vape Juice, CBD Gummies, and other products. This takes CBD and isolates all the other compounds that exist in the hemp plant. There is CBD, THC and other rich properties; but we extract the CBD and use it in our CBD Isolate products.

Broad Spectrum CBD

There is more of the compounds in Broad Spectrum CBD, but still has small traces of THC. Broad Spectrum does have more than just the CBD including more of the compounds which exist in the hemp plant.

Full Spectrum CBD

Our Full Spectrum CBD still has below the legal amount of THC which is 0.03% or less. There is still more THC than in the Broad Spectrum CBD or CBD Isolate, but still within the legal limit.

Question 3: Are The CBD Cartridges Refillable?

Are The CBD Cartridges Refillable

They are refillable but we recommend only refilling them once. This is because the coil will burn out quickly and they are meant to be disposable. It will get worn out because of the amount you are vaping and the size of the coil. We strongly urge you that once you are finished with the cartridge to throw it away and buy a new one.

Question 4: Will I Pass A Drug Test?

Will I Test Positive If I Use CBD

When you use any CBD products from us or any other company there will always be a chance that you won't pass a drug test. This is because the compound CBD comes from the same plant that THC comes from. Normally, a drug test administrator is looking for THC. The answer is Yes and No, you may pass or you may not pass. Use our products at your own risk, but we always suggest that if you're taking a drug test talk to the person who is administering that test. You will to communicate with the administrator; or don't use them until you're done drug testing.

For more information on if you will pass a drug test check out: Will I Test Positive If I Use CBD

Question 5: Is The CBD Lotion For Pain?

Lavender Full Spectrum CBD Lotion

CBD is used for a different reasons  but we can't make any medical claims. We wouldn't say that our CBD Lotion is for pain but a lot of people use our products for different reasons. Everyone has different experiences and our Lavender Citrus Full Spectrum CBD Lotion comes in a 8 oz bottle.  You can apply a small, dime size amount of lotion and it goes a long way. We love this product because it's moisturizing and smells good.

Frequently Asked Questions About CBD

Frequently Asked Questions About CBD

The top 5 frequently asked questions that we get about CBD are mostly about use and recommendations.  If you didn't find the answer that you were looking for you can check out our FAQ page of most frequently asked questions.

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