4 Tips to Make Sure You Identify Genuine CBD Oil

4 Tips to Make Sure You Identify Genuine CBD Oil
CBD oil is one of the best products but given that the industry is growing, there are various sellers who are trying to steal from customers by selling them unoriginal products in the name of CBD oil. It is difficult for the consumers to identify genuine CBD oil since there are so many brands and merchants that are promising customers they will give them the best high-quality CBD oil. In addition, there are few regulations in the industry which makes it difficult for the consumers to identify genuine products. If you need to buy pure CBD oil, there are different aspects you need to consider to make sure you get the original CBD oil and they are highlighted below.

Know the Source of Hemp Used in Making the Oil

One of the ways of making sure that you have a high-quality product is by checking out the source of the raw materials. Hemp plant is used in making CBD oil and it is usually referred to as ‘hyperaccumulator’ which means that the plant can absorb anything that is on the ground where it has been cultivated.

This means that if the plant was cultivated on ground where there was mercury and other heavy materials, then they will be in the oil that you will buy. If you are looking to buy pure CBD oil, check out the source of the materials used in manufacturing the oil. They can be found on the website of the manufacturer and there are various bodies that certify grounds to be used for farming.

Look out for Lab Results

Most of the CBD brands involve the use of third parties such as laboratories to provide consumers with results about their products. There are some products that will pass the test while others will fail the test.

The aspects that are checked by the laboratories are making sure that it is free of impurities, low THC and high content of CBD.As a customer, you should make sure that there are recent lab results about the brand on their website or on the packaging. Most brands will provide you with the best customer care but you should be careful to make sure their products are what you are exactly looking for.

Check out for the Whole Plant Label

High-quality CBD oil is manufactured by the whole plant. The use of the whole plant in manufacturing CBD oil is better rather than using part of the plant since the whole plant will contain all the constituents of hemp plant.You should make sure that you have checked the label and it has been indicated that the brand has used Full Spectrum or Whole Plant label.

Manufacturing Process

The CBD industry is young and there are no regulations that control the manufacturing process. Different brands use different extraction methods. In most cases, the other brands will sell you CBD oil at a cheaper price but you should be careful since you might realize that they have used poor quality method of extraction. Poor quality methods involve use of components such as propane and hexane which are dangerous.

If you want to buy pure CBD oil, you need to be so careful to make sure you are not harming your health by checking the above aspects.

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