10 Things You Should Know Before Buying CBD

10 Things You Should Know Before Buying CBD

Here at Savage CBD, we try to be as transparent as possible. With the boom in CBD products over the last year, CBD is on track to be one of the fastest growing industries out there, and rightfully so!

As the market continues to grow for CBD consumption, lots of companies are getting more and more eager to join in on the action - and a lot of them have begun to flood the market. 

Here is the problem though, with any boom there are people looking to get rich quick and don't know what they are doing. Recently the FDA sent out over 44 letters to companies that either was making claims they couldn't back up or still worse - contained less CBD that what was advertised on their packaging.

Why are inaccurate labels bad for consumers?

Well for starters anything your putting in your body should have accurate ingredients so you know what your putting in your body - simply put. 

People are asking their parents, their brother, sister, friends, everyone about CBD and mislabeled products make the CBD market that much harder to navigate, it also puts people like us, Savage CBD, in a bad light because once you try a CBD brand that isn't creating an accurate product you may just say "ah hell with this CBD stuff."

Who can you trust?

You can definitely not trust all CBD companies out there, just like anything else in the world you need to do your due diligence and research before making a purchase from a new CBD company. Some good indications of a truthful company to work with would be:

➡ Recent Lab Tests

➡ Address on their website

➡ A web presence

➡ A contact phone number that works

➡ Reviews from other buyers

This is a short list but this is a great starting point to navigate the world of CBD.

In short here are our top ten things to look out for when buying CBD:

1. Has the product been lab tested?

2. Does the product contain less than .3% THC?

3. What ingredients are used in the product?

4. Is CBD legal in your state?

6. What type of CBD is being used in the product?

7. How was the CBD extracted?

8. CBD Dosage

9. Is the product priced fairly?

10. Does the company have a good reputation?

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