Why Choose Sublingual Tinctures Over Oral CBD Pills?

Why Choose Sublingual Tinctures Over Oral CBD Pills?

CBD oil is a cannabinoid that doesn’t intoxicate you but more importantly, it is found in various different products that can be consumed orally as oils or capsules, or can even be dissolved in the skin like a lotion. In order to enjoy CBD oil the best use the product as directed. When it comes to CBD oil that is found in a liquid, oil form, under your tongue is the best place to use it.

The Sublingual Method 

The method where it is applied beneath the tongue is known as the “sublingual method”. 

What Are Tinctures? 

There are many CBD oils for under the tongue usage, known as tinctures, where the most preferred method of application is the sublingual method. These oils are rather simple to hold and keep underneath your tongue. All you need to do is simply place a few drops under your tongue and it all dissolves after one minute. After that, you should start to experience the effects of CBD oil within 20 minutes. Any leftover oil that doesn’t dissolve after a minute can either be swallowed or remain under the tongue to be dissolved.

These tinctures are great for those that prefer not to or have a tough time with swallowing pills or capsules.

Advantages Over Oral CBD Oil 

The sublingual method of consuming CBD oil can offer users with more convenience. You can take a daily CBD products no matter where you are; in the car, at home, at work, or wherever you spend your days. Unlike CBD pills and capsules, you don’t need a glass of water to take it with, and the bottle can be stored in your pocket or bag for easy use.

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