Should You Use CBD or THC?

Should You Use CBD or THC?

Now that there have been major moves to legalize Marijauna; and companies like Delta Effex have produced Hemp derived THC, you might be wondering if you should stick with CBD or make the move to THC? The answer is a lot more complicated than you may think, especially because they are 2 completely different products. Here are a couple of things to consider when deciding between CBD and THC.

Is CBD and THC The Same?

Is CBD and THC The Same?

Although CBD and THC can come from the Hemp plant, they are completely different products that produce different experiences. The main difference is that CBD is non-psychoactive, while THC is psychoactive. Here are some similarities and differences between CBD and THC.


One of the major similarities between CBD and THC is that they both can be extracted from the Hemp plant. This is because they are both Cannabinoids that are produced in both Marijuana and Hemp. Although the Marijuana plant tends to produce more THC, whereas the Hemp plant produces more CBD.

On a molecular level, both CBD and THC have 21 carbon atoms, 2 oxygen atoms, and 30 hydrogen atoms. However, they are structured differently resulting in different experiences when consumed. Also, they both interact with your body's Endocannabinoid System (ECS), which help regulate certain functions in your body.


The major difference between CBD and THC is the experience it produces in its users. Any form of THC tends to produce a high, while CBD does not. Also, side effects that THC can produce include red eyes, dry mouth, and can trigger anxiety in some users. However, side effects in CBD can produce fatigue, dizziness, or a sense of relaxation; although experiences can vary in both CBD and THC.

Another major factor is the legality between both products. Although Marijuana is now becoming legal in some states, it still remains as a Schedule I drug under Federal Law. On the other hand, CBD is Federally legal, but remains unavailable in some states. The exception to rule is Delta 8 THC, which is Hemp derived and currently falls into the CBD category. Delta 8 THC produces a similar high to Marijuana, but less potent.

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Which One Should You Choose?

Which One Should You Choose?

Now that you know some of the major similarities and differences between CBD and THC; the question is, which one should you choose? Before you decide, here are some things to consider first.

Desired Effects

The biggest question you should ask yourself is what are your desired effects? Are you looking to get high or for an alternative to getting high? Although the most common type of THC is Delta 9 which is found in Marijuana; there now exist less potent forms of THC called Delta 8. Some Delta 8 users have reported feeling high, but without the anxiety they get from Marijuana. However, this does not mean that Delta 8 THC won’t trigger side effects if you take too much of it.

If Marijuana tends to trigger anxiety for you then we recommend sticking to CBD. But, if you’re feeling adventurous then THC might be a better option for you. One important thing to keep in mind is that any form of THC will show up on a drug test. It doesn’t matter if it’s Hemp derived, or Delta 8 - THC is THC. This means that if you’re worried about failing a drug test then sticking to CBD is your best option.

Delta 8 THC

A cannabinoid that is the middle ground between CBD and THC is known as Delta 8 THC. Although a newcomer to the Hemp world, it’s becoming a lot more popular. How it relates to CBD is that it’s an extract and can be added to different products. However, just like Marijuana it has the ability to get you high. This means that if you enjoy CBD, it can provide a similar experience while providing a high because of the THC.

When it comes down to it, Delta 8 is another version of THC that comes from Hemp, instead of the Marijuana plant. If you enjoy the experience from CBD, using Delta 8 won’t be the same. Although Delta 8 THC will be more similar to CBD when compared to Marijuana. Also, you’re able to take some CBD to counteract the side effects of any type of THC; just in case Delta 8 proved to be too strong.


For the most part, any products that are commonly available withTHC are also available with CBD. This means that if you enjoy vaping, there are several options available in both CBD and THC form. What is great about this is you can enjoy the same flavors, Terpenes, and strains in both forms. On the contrary, if you don’t want any flavors and prefer the natural flavor you can choose a Natural CBD Cartridge, or an unflavored THC Cartridge.

Alternatively, you can opt out for an Edible if vaping is not your thing. Although THC edibles have a horrible reputation for sneaking up on you when you least suspect it; products like CBD Gummies can easily be enjoyed without the intensity you would get from THC. Also, CBD tends to be more popular in Topicals. Typically, you would just consume THC orally, or by vape/smoke; not really topically like CBD. Therefore, that’s one advantage that CBD has over THC.

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Should You Use CBD or THC?

When trying to decide between CBD or THC we would recommend asking yourself first, what is that I want to feel? Are you trying to alter your state of mind? Or, are you trying to accomplish something else? Keep in mind that there are some similarities between both cannabinoids; but, ultimately they are 2 different products. Just be sure to check out the companies online reviews and lab test results, whether it be CBD or THC.

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