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A lot of athletes are turning to CBD for post-workouts and for a good reason. CBD is known to lightly bind your Cannabinoid receptors which send signals throughout your body. However, this leaves many people wondering if you should only use CBD post-workout or can it be used pre-workout.

Now that all the major holidays are out of the way it’s time to focus on the new year. You might have your New Year’s resolution set; so, here are some tips on the best CBD for the New Year. Even if you don’t have a New Year’s resolution yet this is still good information to have!

You might love CBD and believe that it's a great product. Also, you might have recommended CBD to your friends and family. Good for you! but when it comes to CBD for Pets there are somethings you need to know first. We encourage you to try our CBD for Pets products; but you definitely want to have a conversation with your vet first. We want to help you by giving you question to ask your vet about CBD.