Tips: Adding CBD To Drinks and Food

Tips: Adding CBD To Drinks and Food

In these tips for adding CBD to drinks and food we explore different ways for you to incorporate CBD. Adding CBD to your favorite drinks and food is easy to do as long as you follow general guidelines. You are able to transform everyday food into something new and exciting. Take a journey with us as we dive into these cool tips to incorporate CBD into your everyday foods.

General Guideline To Infuse CBD

Cannabidiol (CBD) is extracted from the hemp plant to make Full Spectrum CBD, CBD Isolates, etc. The extracted CBD is then made into CBD products, but you can also find raw CBD known as CBD Flowers. As a general guideline you will want to use low temperatures when cooking, infusing, or incorporating CBD. The reason that this is important is because you don't want to burn off the CBD.

You will want to keep temperatures below 320° – 350° because anything above this will cause the CBD to lose its potency. It is a good idea to add CBD to a drink once it's cooled down a bit or into the frosting of a dessert. The less contact the CBD has with heat the better - not a fact, just an opinion.

Tip #1 - CBD Infused Drinks

Adding CBD to tea or coffee is a very popular way to enjoy CBD. There are 2 ways to go about incorporating CBD into your favorite drink.

Infusing CBD Into A Hot Drink

When you add CBD into a hot drink you will want to keep in mind the temperature. You obviously don't want to add CBD into your drink when it's boiling hot. Let your drink cool down before you decide to add a couple of drops of CBD. If you are adding creamers or topping like whip cream you can add a couple of drops into your creamer then add it to your drink.

The amount of CBD you add depends on your preference. If you want a strong CBD experience you can add between 4 - 5 drops of CBD, but also be mindful of the strength of the CBD. We based the 4 - 5 drops off an 8 ounce glass so the more liquid you have the more diluted the CBD will become.

Tip # 2 - CBD Infused Dessert

When infusing CBD into desserts you want to be mindful of the baking temperature if you are adding CBD to baked desserts. Keeping temperatures low may require you to bake the dessert longer. You will want to adjust accordingly so that your dessert comes out with the consistency that you are looking for.

Infusing CBD To Frosting

A popular way of infusing CBD into desserts is by adding it to frosting. You can avoid burning the CBD by keeping the CBD cold and uncooked. One thing to be mindful is if you're adding CBD to dessert frosting it will dilute to frosting; this is because you are adding more liquid to the frosting.

In order to avoid liquid frosting and keeping the consistency you want is by adjusting other ingredients. Example - If the recipe requires 2 tsp of Vanilla Extract add 1 tsp of Vanilla Extract instead. You can substitute the other tsp of Vanilla Extract with 1 tsp of CBD or adjusting to the consistency you want.

Tip #3 - Infusing Other Types Of Food

You are able to infuse other types of foods with CBD like dips, salads, sides, and even main courses. This might require you to be a bit more creative but it's possible. Following the general guideline to infuse CBD into your favorite food will help you achieve this.

We have also written a blog on, how to cook with CBD oil, and more. The key is for you to enjoy your CBD experience so it's not a task to take but a delight. Make sure you follow our blogs for more recipes and helpful tips on how to infuse our CBD products.

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