Mexican Hot Chocolate Recipe with CBD

Mexican Hot Chocolate Recipe with CBD

As winter is winding down why not spice things up a bit with this Mexican hot chocolate recipe with CBD. If you're a fan of hot chocolate you will love this recipe; in addition, adding CBD to the mix is a plus. You will fall in love with the flavorful aromatic taste of this hot chocolate and warm up in the process. This is great for people who are curious about trying CBD and also for adventurous CBD users looking to enhance their experience. We're sure you will enjoy this delightful recipe!

About This Recipe

What makes this recipe different from American hot chocolate are the spices that are incorporated. In most Mexican Hot Chocolate recipes cinnamon and dried chili peppers are added to the drink. You may not have known but chili peppers originated in the Americas, and then spread throughout the world. So it's no surprise to find hot peppers in Mexican hot chocolate.

When you add CBD to your hot chocolate it makes for an enhanced hot chocolate drinking experience. Adding CBD to your food or drinks makes it easy for you to incorporate CBD into your daily routine. We feel the hardest part about taking CBD is remembering to take CBD if you're someone who is forgetful. What better way to remember to take CBD than by adding it your favorite foods and drinks. Therefore, adding CBD to your hot chocolate makes for an enjoyable experience.

Where To Find The Ingredients

Traditional Mexican hot chocolate means going to an international market to find authentic ingredients. Luckily, we were able to come up with ingredients for this recipe that you can find at your local super market. Also, if your supermarket doesn't carry any of the listed ingredients you can find the ingredients on the internet. These are the perks of living in 2020, can't find something? Google it!

We decided to go with Nestle Mexican Chocolate Abuelita for this recipe but you can get Ibarra Mexican Chocolate instead. You can find these products at your local big chain supermarkets in the International or Hispanic food isle. If you are unable to find it you can shop and order it there or substitute for sweetened milk chocolate.

Also, the CBD product that we recommend for this recipe is our Peach Pear Full Spectrum CBD Tincture. It adds a subtle fruit taste and will not over power any of the other ingredients. If you are new to CBD we recommend using our 1000 mg strength but if you want the full experience you can get the 2000 mg bottle.

Mexican Hot Chocolate Recipe with CBD

Makes: 4 | Prep Time: 2 min | Cook Time: 8 min | Total Time: 10 min



  • In a saucepan add 1 tablet of Abuelita Mexican Chocolate, milk, cinnamon, vanilla extract, cayenne pepper powder, and chili pepper powder
  • Set heat on stove to medium high and mix all ingredients well until everything is mixed together. Do not let the ingredients boil, if it begins to boil remove from heat and let ingredients settle.
  • Once all the Abuelita chocolate has completely melted set aside and let cool down a bit before serving. Once you are ready to serve  add the CBD Tincture drops then pour the Mexican Hot Chocolate into to mugs and enjoy.

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