How To Cook With CBD Oil

How to Cook with CBD Oil

There are many ways you can enjoy CBD which include vaping, in lotions, balms, or taking it sublingually. One method of using CBD is by adding it to your food. Even celebrities are getting in on this trend, but the question is are the people who are adding CBD to their food know what they are doing? Here are our tips on how to cook with CBD oil.

Using The Right Temperature

Using the Right Temperature

 One question to ask yourself when adding CBD to your food is if you are using the right temperature. Extreme heat can make CBD lose its properties which include: flavonoids, terpenes, and additional cannabinoids. The boiling point for CBD can range between 320° - 350° Fahrenheit. Adding CBD to foods before they are deep fried or sautéed can ruin the CBD since sautéed and deep fried foods tend to cook at higher temperatures. Adding CBD to raw foods, sauces, or other types of foods after they are cooked is the ideal way to enjoy CBD in food.

What Kind of Dishes Should I Make with CBD?

What Kind of Dishes Should I Make with CBD?

It all depends on your preference on what type of food you are craving. Ideally, you can add CBD to any dish but the question is will it taste good? Here are some ideas on what kind of dishes you could make with CBD.

CBD Salad Dressings:

Using CBD on salad dressings is one of the best to enjoy CBD on food because salad dressings are typically consumed with raw, uncooked foods, which causes less stress on the body for a person looking to relax with a light meal. The basis for any good salad dressing contains high oil, and healthy fats which makes it ideal for CBD oil since oil is a necessary ingredient.

CBD Sauces:

Finishing off a sauce with CBD oil is a good mixture. It can be added to cold or warm sauces, if you are adding it to warm sauces you will have to make sure that the sauce is not boiling hot since this can affect the compounds in the CBD.

CBD Desserts:

Using CBD with Desserts makes for a good taste since desserts are meant to be rich, filled with flavors, and in the words of Marie Kondo, they are meant to Spark Joy. Like sauces, be sure to use the right temperatures and not add CBD to boiling hot foods. This can be a daunting task since most desserts are baked goods, but as long as you keep it under 320° – 350° you should be fine.

Pro Tip – Most cookies bake at 350° but the internal temperature might not reach that high. The compounds on the outside might be ruined but the internal components of the cookies can still be there. If you are worried about ruining the CBD consider baking at a lower temperature of 300°, this might take you a little longer to bake the cookies but at least you will know the CBD will not be affected.

CBD Drinks:

This is one of the most popular ways to use CBD is by adding a couple of drops to your drink. You can use CBD oil to cold drinks and hot drinks. When adding CBD to your drink make sure you mix it well together so that the CBD is evenly distributed.

Hot Drinks: You can add CBD to hot drinks but you may want to let it cool down before you add the CBD. This will ensure that you are not burning off the CBD and will help prevent you from burning your tongue. We have a CBD infused tea recipe on our site.

Other Dishes:

As stated earlier, you are able to add CBD oil to any type of dish as long as you follow the general rule of not adding CBD oil to extremely hot, boiling dishes or drinks. The kind of CBD you add matters as well since it can affect the taste.

Using the Right CBD

When you are cooking you want to make sure you have all of the right ingredients and the same applies for using the right CBD. You want to consider the flavors the CBD has in it. The natural flavor of CBD taste earthy and herbal so flavors are added to make the CBD enjoyable. You will want to pair the right CBD with the type of dish you are going to make.

CBD Tinctures:

Lemon Lime Full Spectrum CBD Tincture

Tinctures are the most common ingredients found in CBD infused recipes. We offer a variety of CBD tinctures for you to choose from which include – Cucumber Mint Full Spectrum, Lemon Lime Full Spectrum, Peach Pear Full Spectrum, and Pink Grapefruit Full Spectrum.


The amount of CBD you add to your dish depends on how strong your CBD oil is and how strong you want your CBD infused dish to be. CBD tinctures typically come with droppers and recommended dosage for that type of CBD oil. When picking the right dosage consider how many servings your dish can make and from there you can determine how much CBD to use.

Have Fun!

Have fun when you are adding CBD oil to your food. Just remember the temperatures to use, the amounts to add, and the right flavor that works best with your dish. Whether you are learning how to cook with CBD oil or you are a seasoned chef looking for more ideas on infusing CBD into your recipes, we want you to have fun with this and enjoy.

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