CBD Iced Coffee Recipe

CBD Iced Coffee Recipe

The only thing better than a cup of coffee in the morning is some CBD - in our opinion. But, have you ever tried mixing them together? And if so, did you know you can make it iced as well? Here is a CBD iced coffee recipe that we’re sure you’ll love!

Making CBD Iced Coffee

Making CBD Iced Coffee

A good iced coffee is only as good as the type of coffee that you’re using. Store bought iced coffee tends to use a lower quality coffee and masks it with a lot of sugar and milk. You’ll be surprised how different the quality is if you make it at home.

The Coffee Roast

If you’re brewing your own coffee we suggest using a lighter roast. These tend to have a more fruity character or chocolatey profile versus a darker roast. The milk, sugar, and CBD that you use should compliment the flavor and not mask it because it’s too bitter. However, if you enjoy that bold flavor of coffee then we recommend using a medium roast.

A common misconception about light roast coffee is that it’s not caffeine heavy as a medium or dark roast coffee. On the contrary! Because the coffee beans are lightly roasted they retain a lot more caffeine. Also, it tends to provide more acidity, and delicate flavors that can compliment the flavor in CBD.

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CBD For Coffee

The type of CBD that you use is very important as well. We suggest using a CBD Tincture that will compliment the flavor profile of your coffee. Our CBD Tinctures are fruity flavored so that’s why we suggest going with a light roast coffee. The amount of drops of CBD will depend on your preference.

If you want your iced coffee to be CBD rich then we recommend going with a 2,000 mg Tincture. However, if you want just enough of CBD that is enjoyable we recommend going with a 1,000 mg Tincture. The final thing to consider is how much actual CBD you want to add. First time CBD users will enjoy about half a dropper (.50ml); but, if you feel you need more than you can add the entire dropper (1ml) of CBD.

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Brewing The Coffee

You have two affordable options to choose from when brewing your coffee to make iced coffee.

Cold Brew

The first option includes grinding your own coffee beans, transferring it to a container, adding cold water, then letting it steep and covered for about 12 hours. After it has been steeped you will need to transfer the cold brew into a different container; however, you will need a strainer + a cheesecloth in order to avoid coffee grounds in your cold brew coffee.

Instant Coffee

Your second option is using instant coffee to make your iced coffee. This is probably one of the easiest and affordable ways to make iced coffee. You simply will need to boil water, add the instant coffee, give it a good stir and let it cool down. It’s not the best quality but it will do the trick.

How To Add CBD

Whenever you add CBD to food or beverage you will want to avoid extreme heat. A good rule of thumb is to never add CBD to anything that is boiling; if it’s too hot to drink or eat, it’s too hot to add CBD in it. However, this shouldn’t be an issue with iced coffee since there is nothing that is hot. You will want to add CBD to your coffee once it’s cooled down.

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CBD Iced Coffee Recipe

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