CBD Drink Mix Recipes That You Should Try

CBD Drink Mix recipes that you should try

Our CBD Drink Mix is amazing - it taste great - and the best part is that it's packed with CBD. All you need is a cup, some water, and our CBD Drink Mix to have a good time. But, we wanted to spice things up a bit by coming up with some CBD Drink Mix recipes. The CBD Drink Mix is so diverse, for instance you can add it to tea - desserts - and more. Here are some CBD Drink Mix recipes that you should try!

CBD Drink Mix Recipes

CBD Infused Arnold Palmer Recipe

This recipe is simple, classic, and delicious. For this recipe all you will need is 1 tea bag of Lipton Black Tea - a cup - hot water - ice - and our Lemonade CBD Drink Powder. You will first need to add hot water to a cup and add the tea bag. Let it steep for about 5 minutes; remove the tea bag and let it cool down. Add 1 scoop of our Lemonade CBD Drink Powder and mix well with a spoon. Add ice and you can also add a slice of lemon or a mint leaf for garnish, and enjoy! 

CBD Infused Popsicles

What better way to enjoy CBD then as a Popsicle! It's super easy to make, fun, and you get to enjoy some CBD. All you need is paper cups or plastic cups  (you can also get Popsicle Ice Molds online) Popsicle Sticks, and Orange-Ade CBD Drink Mix. Drop between 1 - 2 scoops of the Orange-Ade CBD Drink Mix into 8oz - 16 oz water depending on how much you are making. Add water and the CBD Drink Mix into a large container and mix well. Add the mix into the cups and put into the freezer for 2 hours, after 2 hours add the Popsicle sticks in the center. Let it continue to freeze for an additional 4 hours and enjoy. In addition, these make for an excellent dessert or for a refreshing snack. 

CBD Infused Sports Drink

So you just finished a workout and you are looking for something refreshing. Instead of reaching for your favorite sports drink you are able to make your own CBD infused sports drink at home and here is how: You will need water, Himalayan salt, Magnesium Powder, and Pink Lemonade CBD Drink Powder. Add 4 cups of water to a large container - 4 scoops of the CBD Drink Powder - 1 teaspoon of Himalayan salt - and mix well. This should last you for about 4 days, and you will need to keep it refrigerated.

Be Creative

It's up to you on how you decide to enjoy our CBD Drink Mix. You can enjoy it by just adding it to some water or you can be creative and try new and fun ways. You can try making Sherbet ice cream with our drink mixes, Slushies, Cookies, Cake Frosting, and much more.

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